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Flipping feedback

If you sell online, positive feedback is vital in building buyer trust, but don’t fear negative feedback, it’s your chance to flip it to become the best feedback of all…

When you get negative feedback what do you do?

In this case, the business owner responded with humour and a realisation that you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”

Our top tips

Respond to the good as well as the bad

Although consumers tend to check out negative feedback, they will see positive comments as well, make sure you thank and reinforce the positive ones too.

Take the chance to flip negative into a positive

If you receive negative feedback, comment or review think about what positive points you can raise about the way your company trades.
For example if there is a problem with delivery and the customer hasn’t received their order, was the order shipped same day, if so tell them this, then everyone knows you post orders out quickly, was it sent using a trackable service, again include this in your response, try and keep your response light and positive.

Use your response to build buyer trust

The “tone of voice” of your reply will give your potential customers a insight into the buying experience they will have with you and either build or erode their level of trust.


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Don’t hide from customer complaints, negative online reviews or feedback

The story originally appeared in The Huffington post in Sandwich Shop Advertises Worst Meatball Sandwich Of Yelper’s Life.

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