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city-of-zombies-kickstarterWe’ve designed a board game that will give your child’s brain (and yours) a maths workout.

City of Zombies requires players to co-operate, using their maths skills to survive wave after wave of attacking zombies.

“It’s practical maths learning wrapped in a fun, engaging and entertaining board game.” Matthew Tidbury, Game Designer.

After 2 years of design and development our first fun educational table top boardgame “City of Zombies” is about to be pitched for crowd funding on Kickstarter.

It’s already caused quite a stir with our play testers, (from ages 8+ of varying maths abilities, to maths teachers and tutors) so we are quietly hopeful that we can gain enough backers to get funded, and if we’re lucky, achieve some of our stretch funding goals too, enabling us to supply games direct to schools nominated by our kickstarter backers.

Other stretch funding goals will include a special edition and limited themed zombies sets.

Take the opportunity to get involved and help make our game a reality and fulfil our goal of helping improve maths skills in a fun, engaging and entertaining way. Drop us a line using the form below and we’ll let you know when its live on kickstarter.

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