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City of Zombies featured in the Independent’s 10 best educational toy list for Christmas


Get your copy of this brilliant co-operative Zombie maths game this Christmas, here’s what people are saying:

What a great game! As a teacher of over 30 years experience I’ve seen lots of games that promise a lot on the box but fail to deliver in the classroom. Not this one. Children who find maths difficult have become really enthused by this game which can be played on a number of different levels. It can improve the mental maths skills of everybody who plays it.
Ian Paton


We found this game to be highly educational, fun and a brilliant teaching resource for us to take into classrooms and really get the children engaged.


Adults, teenagers and younger children will all be absorbed. Quite honestly, a brilliant idea. Just don’t tell ‘them’ it is a maths game…
Chris Hirst


I am a teacher in a primary school and we have now bought 12 copies of this game. The kids love playing it. We don’t really mention that it’s Maths and they see it as a treat so everyone is happy! Buy it ….



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